Terms of Service

Please take the time to read our terms of service before doing business with us!

By Commissioning Pinku Shika Works you are agreeing to the following:

The artist has the right to showcase and distribute any artwork they have created in any way that they like, unless agreed otherwise. This includes and is not limited the use of commissioned work in portfolios, galleries, prints, etc.


They may refuse any commission at any time, whether the client has paid or not. If the client has made payment they will receive a refund. Any work that has been done can and may be reused and modified as a ready to wear item to be sold. 


The client does not need our permission to redistribute their commissioned work. It is their purchased property.


Client is agreeing that they are at least of 18 years of age when doing business with us.
Making Payment and Refund Policy:

Once the client has made payment on a commission, they may NOT request a refund within one month on small orders or three months on large projects of purchase in full unless the artist has chosen to no longer pursue the work, or they have missed the agreed deadline. Pinku Shika Works does not work for speed they work for perfection.

Once you have approved the product and it leave my hands there is option for refund. The product will no be shipped until it is approved.

We are not responsible for color changes in fur batches. Please be aware that this is out of our control.


All payment is required before the start of the commissioned work unless the client and artist have discussed alternative payment options. Payment is due at the time it is requested, otherwise the artist holds the right to cancel the commission or put the client's work on hold. Payment plans will be a case by case agreement.

The toy squeakers inside tails are not made by Pinku Shika Works and do not have any guarantee. Each one is tested

before installation but this is the best we can do to ensure they are in good working order.  

If your tail has a seem 'pop' or rip I offer free repairs for 3 months after your purchase, this does not cover accidental. We stress test all of our tails before they are put up for sale or shipped. Buyer is to pay for shipping to our location and we will be happy to pay for the shipping back. Thank you for understanding.

Failure on behalf of the client to meet their own financial obligations is not a legitimate cause for a refund.

If you preform sexual acts with my products it void any repairs, refunds, or exchanges.
Stolen Artwork Policy:

If you are a commissioner you are welcome to post photos, resell, and or share the work you have commissioned with credit included in posts. You may not modify any of the products you receive from Pinku Shika Art.


If it is not your commissioned work, you have absolutely no rights to any of our work. If we find that you are making a profit off of our work, we will not hesitate to take legal action.

You have our written permission to post our work wherever you like with credit. It's free advertising!